Sheila is a Sound Healer, Musician & Teacher, who during the last nearly 20 years has specialised in using large high quality gongs in her Sound Healing work. She is a violinist with a background in classical music and having studied at London’s Royal College of Music, she enjoyed a thriving career in the mainstream classical music world for many years, both playing & teaching. Some 22 years ago she became a Sound Healer, obeying the call to use her musical abilities in a more focused Holistic way. Sheila is currently senior course tutor for the UK College of Sound Healing. She runs the Gong Practitioner Training Course for the College, teaching new groups of students every year, and has now trained other tutors to teach this renowned Course. She is on the College committee and serves the College as an advisor on all matters gong-related. In 2010 Sheila wrote & published her first book : “Sound Healing with Gongs – a Gong book for Beginners”. Her second book : “In the Heart of the Gong Space – the Gong as a Spiritual Tool” followed in October 2012. She has recorded several gong CD’s, appeared on the radio, & has many gong videos on YouTube. She is a member of the CMA & the UK Sound Healers Association, is based in Devon, UK. Website :

Sheila Whittaker (ENG)

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International Advanced Gong Master Training 2023 | VALLIO TERME | 10th EDITION (ENG)

Via Sopranico, 11/17 - 25080 Vallio Terme (BS) Questo evento è già passato
Via Sopranico, 11/17 - 25080 Vallio Terme (BS) Questo evento è già passato