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International Advanced Gong Master Training 2023 | VALLIO TERME | 10th EDITION (ENG)

Christof Bernhard (ENG) Gong Master, Musician, Sound Therapist, Expert Trainer of Gong Players in Europe - Founder of Gongplanet, has years of experience in teaching Gong, Tibetan Bells, Shamanic Drum and Tuning Forks. Gong Paiste and Gongland Dealer.
Sheila Whittaker (ENG) Sheila is a Sound Healer, Musician & Teacher, who during the last nearly 20 years has specialised in using large high quality gongs in her Sound Healing work. She is a violinist with a background in classical music and having studied at London’s Royal College of Music, she enjoyed a thriving career in the mainstream classical music world for many years, both playing & teaching. Some 22 years ago she became a Sound Healer, obeying the call to use her musical abilities in a more focused Holistic way. Sheila is currently senior course tutor for the UK College of Sound Healing. She runs the Gong Practitioner Training Course for the College, teaching new groups of students every year, and has now trained other tutors to teach this renowned Course. She is on the College committee and serves the College as an advisor on all matters gong-related. In 2010 Sheila wrote & published her first book : “Sound Healing with Gongs – a Gong book for Beginners”. Her second book : “In the Heart of the Gong Space – the Gong as a Spiritual Tool” followed in October 2012. She has recorded several gong CD’s, appeared on the radio, & has many gong videos on YouTube. She is a member of the CMA & the UK Sound Healers Association, is based in Devon, UK. Website :
Wolfgang Saus (ENG) Classic baritone, singing teacher, vocal coach, voice scholar, author, but above all singer of harmonics. He lives in Aachen in Germany and is passionate about choral music. Only 2 years after discovering choral music he sings in the choir of the Czech Philharmonic and the Roman Symphony Orchestra under the guidance of Georges Pétre. He is known throughout Europe because he has sung in more than 70 groups. He's a sound researcher who has already had a few cameras shoved down his throat for scientific reasons. Singing for him represents a deep connection with life and dealing all day with sound and music gives him a feeling of happiness and sometimes an inexplicable mystical feeling, when the sound seems not to be generated by him. Detailed curriculum Wolfgang Saus – I love overtone singing - Wolfgang Saus (
Jochen Fassbender (ENG) Born in Cologne (Germany), he studied free art at the University of Art and Design in Cologne. Since 1989 he works as sound artist. He won different awards in Germany and Holland. He pubblished the book "Klangkunst und die Kunst des Hörens" - Sound art and the art of listening. He leads sound workshops all around the world and since many years he builts special musical instruments (Angelic harps) looking for harmony between sound and different materials (stone, cristal, glass, copper, …). His message with this instruments is that everyone can create music.
20/07/2023 09:00
23/07/2023 17:00
Via Sopranico, 11/17 - 25080 Vallio Terme (BS)   Vedi Mappa
+39 348 7510121

From 20 to 23 July 2023 – Vallio Terme (BS) – Garda Lake – Italy

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WORKSHOP - from 20 July to 23 July 2023 - (English language with simultaneous translation into Italian) - THEORETICAL LESSONS AND PRACTICAL EXERCISES

We will approach SOUND and HEALING from three different angles

GONG: the Gong is the resonance instrument par excellence and is able to touch our whole being and make every cell of our body vibrate. With SHEILA WHITTAKER we will focus on individual treatments and how to approach healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. With CHRISTOF BERNHARD we will explore the value of rhythm and musical repetition in the healing process and how this can link gong, voice and melodic sounds together.

VOICE: WOLFANG SAUS will guide us on a journey in search of internal resonances in our body, through overtone singing and free singing. We will try to discover the connection of empathy and voice, and how this connection can have a direct effect on a receiving person.

MELODIC INSTRUMENTS in copper, stone and crystal: JOCHEN FASSBENDER will lead us in the search for resonances and harmonies external to our body. Where does the harmony begin and where does it end? What role does dissonance play in healing? What happens when we repeat melodic sequences and how does rhythm matter in all of this?

The program will also be enriched by MICHELE FOLCO: Tai Chi and Gong, the art of flowing between sound and movement - FABIO BERETTA: new mallets for ever richer sounds.


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From 20 to 23 July 2023 – Vallio Terme (BS) – Garda Lake – Italy




For the 10th edition of the summer training, the main focus will be on the relationship between Sound and Healing, two very current themes for the Gong Player and the Holistic Practitioner who deals with sound.


The use of Sound is becoming increasingly popular even in “official” structures such as hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, etc. The testimonies collected in recent years tell us of the enormous benefits for the “patients” which often also directly reflect on the staff and relatives of the person being treated. What type of pathology does Sound cure? Where does the use of sound to heal begin and where does it end? Is there a direct relationship between Sound and Healing?


After addressing GONG, VOICE and MELODIC INSTRUMENTS separately, the goal will be to combine these elements to provide a large “Medicine bag” for each participant.

We will look for answers to: Can sound cure? Can a frequency heal?

The summer Gong Master Training will also be an opportunity to consolidate the Gong family, receive new stimuli and create contacts.


To tackle such a complex topic, we will make use of the experience of leading teachers in their field, who have already been working for many years.

SHEILA WHITTAKER – (England) Musician, player and gong teacher with decennial experience.

WOLFGANG SAUS – (Germany) Singer, overtone singing teacher, sound researcher.

JOCHEN FASSBENDER – (Germany) Artist and maker of angelic harps.

CHRISTOF BERNHARD – (Italy) Gong Master, musician, expert trainer of players throughout Europe.

Also supported by the knowledge of MICHELE FOLCO (Tai-Chi teacher, Gong teacher) and FABIO BERETTA (mallets and flumi maker, Gong player).


Request the complete program at

For more information: or tel. 3487510121

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TERME DI VALLIO | Il tuo benessere a due passi dal Lago di Garda



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