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International Advanced Gong Master Training 2020 | VALLIO TERME | 9^ ED. – ENGLISH VERSION

Christof Bernhard (ENG) Gong Master, Musician, Sound Therapist, Experienced Gong teacher all around the Europe – Founder of Gongplanet, he has years of experience in teaching Gong, Singing Bowl, Sciamanic Drum and Diapason.
Jochen Fassbender (ENG) Born in Cologne (Germany), he studied free art at the University of Art and Design in Cologne. Since 1989 he works as sound artist. He won different awards in Germany and Holland. He pubblished the book "Klangkunst und die Kunst des Hörens" - Sound art and the art of listening. He leads sound workshops all around the world and since many years he builts special musical instruments (Angelic harps) looking for harmony between sound and different materials (stone, cristal, glass, copper, …). His message with this instruments is that everyone can create music.
Rolf Nitsch (ENG) Master Gong builder and producer in the North of Germany. He started his career in 1977 with Toomas Paiste, working together with the grand master builders Rudi Bonness and Siegfried Jusseit. Rolf is last man standing of this initial group. In 2012 he started to develop his own personal high quality Gongs under the Gongland brand.
Ella Ferrari (ENG) Music therapist, counselor and singer. She developed with Stefano Shantam Crespan the method suonestesia®-
Stefano Shantam Crespan (ENG) Music therapist, composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and meditation and healing music producer. With Ella Ferrari he developed the project curadelsuono432® and the method suonestesia® -
28/07/2020 09:00
02/08/2020 17:00
Via Sopranico, 11/17 - 25080 Vallio Terme (BS)   Vedi Mappa
+39 348 7510121

From the 28th of July till the 2th of August 2020 – Vallio Terme (BS) – ITALY

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WORKSHOP 1 – 28th & 29th JULY with Christof Bernhard

BASIC COURSE FOR BEGINNERS Designed to approach the Gong world and learn all basic strokes.


CHRISTOF BERNHARD - Volume and sound healing effect – Gong sound testing

JOCHEN FASSBENDER - Interactive lectures with direct experimentation – Playing in nature – The harmonic scale – 440/432Hz?

ROLF NITSCH - Listening to and experimenting with new Gongs

ELLA FERRARI - Lessons on sound science - Anthroposophical analysis of sound

STEFANO SHANTAM CRESPAN - Theory and practice of basic acoustics - Correct technologies and means to be used for recording and direct

Tai Chi and Gong, the art of flowing through sound and movement with Michele Folco – Live and video Gong Bath experiments with Fabio Vescarelli - New mallets for richer sound with Fabio Beretta

The lessons will take place simultaneously in multiple rooms to ensure compliance with current legislation, applying all the sanitary precautions


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From the 28th of July till the 2th of August – Vallio Terme (Bs) – ITALY



During this summer training very current topics will be addressed for the Gong Player and the Holistic Operator who deals with sound. In the light of the latest events of this 2020, the panorama has changed so much that it now becomes important to reflect on sound from other angles too.


The training will focus on sound not only live but also electronic, with the correct use of technology and a whole series of musical and contour instruments supporting the Gong. The goal is the conscious use of vibrations for a real beneficial effect as a cure for oneself and for others.


The summer Gong Master Training will also be an opportunity to consolidate the Gong family, receive new stimuli and create contacts.




CHRISTOF BERNHARD – Gong Master, musician, expert Gong Player Trainer (I)

JOCHEN FASSBENDER – Artist and angelic harp maker (D)

ROLF NITSCH – Gong maker (D)

ELLA FERRARI – Vocalist music therapist counselor sound specialist (I)

STEFANO SHANTAM CRESPAN – Music therapist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer of music for treatment and meditation (I)


Supported by the knowledge of Michele Folco (Tai-Chi teacher, expert player and Gong teacher), Fabio Vescarelli (computer scientist and expert Gong player) and Fabio Beretta (manufacturer of mallets and rivers, expert Gong player).


See the topics discussed above and request the complete program writing an email to


For more information: or tel. 3487510121


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TERME DI VALLIO | Il tuo benessere a due passi dal Lago di Garda



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